Revy Skincare


We are on a mission to bring clean, simple skincare with a purpose.

I have always had a love for skincare but my clean beauty journey started in response to my son’s Neurofibromatosis (NF1) diagnosis. NF1 is a neurological disorder affecting 1 in every 3,000 people. While there is no known cure for NF1, research has suggested that proactively reducing inflammation in the body can suppress tumor growth. We started modifying the foods we ate and tried to incorporate every anti-inflammatory angle into our family’s lifestyle, including what we put “on” our bodies.

NF1’s symptoms tend to be most expressive in the teenage years when hormonal changes really take hold. I wanted to create something that my son can use in his teenage years to give him and others an effective, natural, safe system during a time in life that can be filled with self-consciousness and doubt, and that that I could trust 100%. My mission is to empower my son and others with tools to help them get out and experience the world with confidence.

Your purchase of REVY Skincare helps benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

To create REVY, I drew on my passion for skincare which began in my twenties. I wanted to lead by example and show our family that you can always take steps to make things better when issues arise, and you don’t have to be defined or defeated by a diagnosis. The REVY name is inspired by the ski mountain in Revelstoke, BC – a symbol to our family of conquering adversity and taking life’s challenges head on.

My promise is to make a difference and draw awareness to NF1. We will be donating a portion of proceeds to the Children’s Tumor Foundation with every purchase.

We are a grateful that you are a part of our family’s journey. I hope you enjoy our products.