Beautiful inside and out.

REVY is a simple system that is formulated with clean, plant-powered, effective ingredients that keep young adult skin happy and clear.

Our Values

We list our values right on the package. A commitment to ingredients, our community, the environment and YOUR health and wellness.

REVY formulas contain only vegan, plant-based ingredients you can trust.

Ingredients chosen for formulas safe enough for youth, grown-up, and sensitive skin.

Two years of research and testing, trusted by the real science of nature.

NO synthetic fragrances, colors, GMOs, parabens, phthlates, silicones, or PEG compounds. Period.

Made for humans, tested by humans. No animals were harmed in the making of REVY.

We took the extra step and had REVY tested, approved and stamped, by a real dermatologist.

REVY gives back. Your purchase helps benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Love is our secret ingredient. From our family to yours, we share our proudest creation, REVY.